Seniors Prank Their Way out of School!

Seniors Prank Their Way out of School!

Max Provost, Staff Writer, Sports Page

Used to thinking that the Out-of-Door Academy is all clean and in order? Well, think that no more. On Monday morning, students arrived at school to find a surprise. The seniors had done their senior pranks the day prior.

On Sunday night, the seniors all rallied to the school and started “pranking.” They decided that they would do many minor pranks but one bigger prank. The pranksters decided to take most of the doors off of their hinges. They also decided that they would change the school’s name to The Out-of-Doors Academy. Along with the removal of the doors, the seniors put balloons all over the school and filled the Arts Building’s stairway with cups that were full with water.

An un-named, tech-savvy senior used his skills to enhance the prank. He somehow managed to get into the school’s email system and sent out an e-blast to all faculty and students. The email, which was very lengthy, was made to look like it was actually sent from ODA administration. It explained how school leaders had decided to change the school’s name to Out-of-Doors Academy.

Over the course of The Out-of-Door Academy’s history, every senior class’ prank has been different. Was this year’s prank better than past year’s?

Adil Shariff ‘14 said this year’s prank was “original and clever but not the best ever.”

Jimmy Kuebler ‘15 said that “It took a lot of work to take off all the doors and for that I give them a lot of credit. It was great!”

Lauren Maxey ‘14 told me “I was so surprised when I got to school, classroom doors taken off, a car in the school and even a weather balloon in the gym. It was a fiasco!”

It’s safe to say that the seniors outdid themselves again by proving they are one of the best senior pranksters to come through ODA.
We’ll miss you, seniors. Enjoy college and don’t cause too much trouble!