Pre-prom Speech was no Masquerade

Pre-prom Speech was no Masquerade

Kelli Bagwell, Staff Writer

Every year it seems, high school students get the same old tried-and-true alcohol speech. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just I can now recite it word-for-word, sing it backwards, and maybe even interpretative dance to it.

Of course, this year was no different and with prom quickly approaching (it’s tomorrow FYI) it was inevitable that we were going to be getting “the talk.”

Alas, Wednesday’s Blackbox meeting was refreshingly honest. No scare tactics were involved and the prom chaperones were straight-forward and brief, yet the message rang loud and clear. Coming to prom or after prom under the influence of any illegal substance is strictly prohibited and is punishable by expulsion.

But alcohol or any other mind-altering substance shouldn’t be necessary. Emma Holland and the rest of prom committee have worked really hard to make this prom weekend as magical as possible. So, be safe and always remember that if you do find yourself in a bad situation, there are plenty of adults (both parents and teachers) who would sacrifice anything for your safety.

So, be safe this weekend and have fun. That’s all prom’s really about, anyways.