30 Things ODA Seniors Want to Do Before They Graduate


Seniors enjoy a nice nap during their free periods on senior prank day.

Stephani Spindel, Editor-in-Chief

As the year winds to an end, the ODA Bolt has put together a survey asking the entire senior class to state one thing they would like to do before they graduate. As many of you may know, this week is officially the last week where seniors are required to attend all of their (non-AP) classes. Starting April 29th all seniors will begin their annual senior internships, and will only be required to attend AP level courses.

As a final goodbye to the Class of 2013, and for our readers entertainment, the Bolt has decided to post the following list as an assortment of some of the funniest, craziest, most inspiring things people want to do before they graduate. Enjoy!

1. Receive my first detention ever

2. Picnic on the quad

3. Figure out where I’m going to college

4. Skip a class

5. Hand in my essay that is three weeks late

6. Mess with Mr. Salmon

7. Bring my boat to school

8. Shave Mr. Lebras’ beard

9.¬†Create a piece of work I’m genuinely proud of

10. Actually have a class out-of-door (outside)

11. Take an interesting elective

12. Make a friend

13. Have another class trip

14. Form stronger relationships with my classmates

15. Go sky diving

16. Harass a freshman for fun

17. Laugh at the juniors for having one more year left of school

18. Get a prom date for once

19. Hug Mr. Mahler

20. Leave my teachers with a good memory of me

21. Have the courage to make an announcement at Monday assembly

22. Get Mrs. Frye’s number

23. Thank my teachers for the support they’ve provided me throughout the years

24. Do something worth remembering

25. Discover my passion

26. Learn a teacher’s life story

27. Break dress code and get away with it

28. Stand on top of the gym

29. Do a senior flash dance

30. Ace my finals