Promenade through the Masquerade: Prom 2013

Promenade through the Masquerade: Prom 2013

Lauren Maxey ’14 and Max Provost ’14

Adil Shariff, Staff Writer

Out-of-Door Academy’s annual Prom is right around the corner. This year’s theme is a long jump from last year’s. Instead of being on a ’round-the-world cruise ship, we will be trying to guess who is who as we promenade through this year’s masquerade themed celebration.

Prom 2013 is on Saturday, April 27. Prom will be at the Lake Club Clubhouse (8307 Lake Club Blvd. Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202). After-Prom, a late night party where everyone can hang out with their friends, will be held at ODA. Mr. Brewer has planned fun events for the rest of the night, such as more dancing and a hypnotist.

This year’s prom tickets costs $45 for a single person for the two weeks leading up to Prom. Ticket prices will then increase to $55 the week of prom. Get your tickets from Student Body President, Quinton Fitzgerald, or from Social Coordinator, Emma Holland.

If you’re bringing someone outside of ODA, then you need to get a form from either Emma or Quinton and fill it out. The school is required to keep tabs on whoever comes with you.

If you have any questions, you can ask Emma, Quinton, or Mr. Brewer.