T Minus Two Weeks Until Spring Break

As you’ve probably heard by now (through Facebook or other means), Sarasota and Manatee County public schools had their Spring Break this past week much to the chagrin of ODA students. While we withered away under the glare of high-watt institutional lighting, public school kids were soaking up Siesta’s rays, sipping on virgin piña coladas, and posting endless bikini pics on Instagram. Oh, the life of a Spring Breaker.

ODA’s Spring Break is not for another two weeks, but that doesn’t mean we got the short end of the stick. Look at it this way: we were the only school in the area to get a mid-winter break. So, while other kids sat at school and died a little with each passing homework assignment, we hit the slopes, toured colleges, and even traveled abroad.

Adding to that, our last “week” won’t even be a full week. We’ll have class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but come Thursday, we’ll have Spirit Day. Thursday night, shut off your alarm, because Friday (yes, Friday) officially begins break. Really we’re lucky to have additional time to get (or at least say we are going to get) our nearly bikini-clad bodies in tip-top Spring Break, Instagram shape.

So, in the end, while it was annoying to see all our public school cohorts enjoying time away, we’ll have Spring Break in two weeks. Now that’s definitely not the worst thing in the world. Oh, not to mention ODA’s saving you the hassle of trying to find beachfront parking during the busiest time of year. Guess who’s going to have the beach (almost) entirely to themselves!? Not other Sarasota or Manatee County high schoolers, that’s for sure.