Students Fill Their Pockets with Money…How?

Want some money? Everyone does. But how do you get some spare money? How about a job? Where are some places young teens can work? Here are some amazing options for you to move on with your life:

Publix: If you have a passion for food, or just all around enjoy it, try bagging groceries at your Publix. Everyone goes grocery shopping one time or another, so why not be prepared for the future of many more grocery trips.

Cheyenne Kerekes ’14 works at Publix and shares her experience:

“Having a job has given me a new-found respect for people who work any job. It’s a real time commitment and you have to be extremely dedicated at whatever it is you do. No matter if its bagging or managing an entire company. The best experience would have to be getting my first raise. I knew that I had worked to the best of my abilities and it was really nice to know that my managers recognized it. The worst experience would have to be the few times that I had to clean the men’s restroom. I’ll leave it at that.”

“I would absolutely encourage all ODA kids to get a job. I’ve learned so much and it’s really nice to be able to manage my own money. I definitely think twice before I spend now. You really grow up a lot when you get a job. People depend on you to get something done and it completely pays off when you can deliver.”

If working at Publix isn’t your thing, you can earn money the classic way: babysitting. You are in charge of a living thing for this job, so it’s your fault if anything happens to the kid.

Jansen Humphrey ’14 shares her experience working as a babysitter.

Jansen says that babysitting has given her responsibility and has shown her how much her creativity/imagination as a child has faded. “When the kids play with their toys they get so into it and make up a whole story.” One time she was playing hide and seek with a kid and the kid jumped on her and hit her mouth with the his knee. Her tooth went into her mouth, and it was bleeding. At that point she said she had to continue babysitting and think about the kids, not her wound.

Summer jobs are a great way to prepare yourself for the future and earn some money at the same time. Now’s the time to start poking around about possibilities to beat the summer rush of college students returning home. Imagine how nice it would be to have a pocket full of money you earned yourself to spend any way you want.