Alana Sherman: Moving One Person at a Time By Song

Maggie McGarahan, Staff Writer

You log onto your Facebook. You click on your newsfeed. You read some statuses complaining about homework, a picture of Bobby’s pet turtle, and then you see a video of Alana Sherman. Curious, you click “play.”

You hear Alana talk about a girl named Skylar and you read the description. You find out Skylar has leukemia.

“When I heard that she had cancer, it just broke my heart. I mean hearing the words “you have cancer,” coming out of the doctor’s mouth has to be one of the hardest things you could ever hear,” says Alana.

Although Alana doesn’t know Skylar personally, a lot of her friends do. Alana wants to do everything she can to help Skylar keep her head up and make her smile.

Just as you begin to consider the enormity of a young person facing such a diagnosis, you hear the voice of an angel come out of your speakers. In the video, Alana offers Skylar a song.

Alana loves singing. She has been singing since she was much younger and has been fortunate enough to even have voice lessons. Although Alana loves singing, she isn’t in chorus. “I¬†wanted to try something new. I’m in photography. I went into that class because I love taking pictures, and I’m very photogenic,” says Alana, jokingly.

Giggles aside, Alana’s tribute to Skylar is awesome. If you get a chance to hear Alana sing, consider what great medicine it really is.