Banyan Bash 2013: Back to Our Roots

Courtesy of the Banyan Bash Committee

Courtesy of the Banyan Bash Committee

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Editor

Each year around this time, ODA has their annual Banyan Bash fundraiser. In previous years, items like parking spaces, puppies, getaways, and packages were auctioned off in support of the school. This year, on Saturday March 9th, ODA families, faculty, and alumni will gather once more to revive the auctioning  at the Siesta Key Campus. But there’s a twist: rather than a black tie, formal event, as in years past, ODA wants to get “Back to Our Roots.”  This year Banyan Bash, not Banyan “Ball,” will be less formal and more relaxed. As the Banyan Bash ad says, “leave your black ties at home” and put on some slacks–but not blue jeans.

Even though there is a different approach to ODA’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the auctioned items are fabulous as always. Among the items is a Sarasota Film Festival VIP Package, an Exclusive Tahoe Getaway Package, and a Dakota Sports Retriever Puppy! If you beg your parents enough, you could be cuddling with a new puppy or vacationing in Tahoe — an indulgence valued at $40,000. Imagine that! In addition to going “Back to Our Roots,” the Banyan Bash is also auctioning off five of its most popular items from previous years.

ODA is exceptionally fortunate to be able to auction such extravagant items. This privilege is possible because of the generous businesses and families of the ODA community.  Donors offering services or products benefit  from the publicity. Some families donate personal items like time in vacation homes to help raise money to enrich programming.  ODA finds the exchange an ideal opportunity to build the endowment for the school which is used to build infrastructure, purchase technology, and offer financial aid.

Stay tuned for inside access and photos from the event this Saturday. For more information about the event click here.