98, 99, … 100. Hungry Yet?

98, 99, ... 100. Hungry Yet?

Amanda Navarro, Staff Writer

It’s 100 Days Dinner time again!

100 Days Dinner is a gathering where each senior celebrates the faculty by delivering a tribute speech. Seniors are assigned one or two teachers to speak about (along with one or two classmates). A fun aspect of this dinner is the chance to dress up as according to the theme of the year. This year the theme is Storybook characters.

Mrs. Frye says, “My favorite part of the dinner is hearing from the students the different types of relationships they have with the teachers. Some connect through drama opportunities, other through common interests, some connect through their love of their subjects: it’s just heartwarming.”

Ms. Fafalios says, “I like seeing everyone in costume together, to have dinner together, and to listen to the students show appreciation for their teachers.”

Mr. Newhams states, “I think it defines what makes ODA special because we just have such a relationship/investment in our students. I like the ability to hear what the students have to say. Ill be surprised if even 50 schools do this dinner because it is really a unique thing to do.”

100 days dinner is this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Black Box. Seniors, don’t forget!