O-Bowl Pulls in Some Students

Max Provost, Staff Writer

This coming Saturday a great ODA tradition will unwind on the field at Thunder Stadium. This event is known as The O-Bowl. Girls group up as two teams and compete against each other in a game of touch football. The O-Bowl began six years ago and was then known simply as a “powder puff” football game. In a desire to be more respectful of girls as athletes, three years ago the school changed the name to the O-Bowl.
This football game gives the girls a chance to participate in a sport that is typically associated with male rough housing. Even though the event is supposed to be a nice flag football game, some of the girls get rowdy.This was the case for Simone Ford-Hars ‘14. Last year, Simone was considered to have a level of roughness that was too elevated for the other girls and was asked by teachers to retire from the game. Last year’s consequences have affected her decision to play or not this year. As of last week, she did not want to play.Every class has been very cooperative in gathering a team of girls to play in the game tomorrow night except the junior class. Many of the juniors will be out of town and many simply don’t want to play.

“I don’t like doing sports and things,” says junior Kelly Bagwell.
“Why would I want to play in the O-Bowl,” asks junior Brenna Corey.
“So we can win and then earn Thunder Cup points!”

Despite some reluctance to get out there and play, when it comes down to it, O-Bowl is a night of fun, competition and sportsmanship. It gives the ladies an opportunity to play football in the Thunder Stadium under the lights with fans cheering them on.

Every student better get their butts out in the stadium stands tomorrow night to cheer on these fearless girls as they take on each other to be crowned Champions of the O-Bowl!