New President Swings For Long Bombs Away!

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

Newly elected high school student council officials took office for the Out-of-Door. The new students in office are President: Quinton Fitzgerald; Social Coordinator: Emma Holland; Secretary: Sierra Dickerson; Treasurer: Danielle Lombardo; and Vice President: Katie Lang.

The President, Quinton Fitzgerald, is not only brilliant in the classroom, but he is the center on the varsity football team. He is a very dedicated young man, and he proves it in the weight room. He is in there everyday after school training for next year’s season. He also shows it in the classrooms as well.

When Quinton was asked if he was looking forward to being the president of the school, he said, “Yeah. Yeah. It’s a real, real, great sport,” and that he is working with “a great group of guys.”

He then was asked if he prepared for his first assembly on Monday of the 25th of February and he said,”catching, diving making all the right plays,” and that it’s “strictly for the fans.”

“I hope to see a few of those home run balls launch into orbit,” says Quinton of his hopes for next year. He wants to put new ideas into the school and wants all the students to know that “this really is what it’s for.”

Some of you might recognize Quinton’s responses in the interview. That is because he is quoting funny man, YouTube celebrity “Kyle” from the video Ball Champions. Quinton has a very unique sense of humor if you have not already realized from the morning assemblies.

Quinton is going to be a perfect president for 2013/2014 school year, and I know I am not the only one who thinks that. Quinton and the rest of the student council are going to do a great job running our school next year. Quinton’s memorable line from his first interview with the ODA press?

“We all need to make it the fences.”