AP/Honors Student Evaluations are Underway…

Ashley Munroe, Junior Editor

The  second semester has barely begun, and it is already time to think about courses for next year. Placement for AP and honors classes are decided in advance, and many require some form of assessment to even be considered for these courses. We are at the end of the assessment period now. Here’s a breakdown of the process.

English: The English assessment is a timed writing that both students sitting for honors and AP take. These writings are submitted with only a student code in place of a name to assure fair grading. Once all of the essays are written, the English Department divides the pile and assesses each essay. By the end, at least two different teachers will assess your essay. English teachers then reflect on the students’ scores and weigh in on classroom performance, motivation, and level of understanding to find the best fit for each student.

Math: The process for math is very similar to that of English; all of the teachers in the Math Department get together and asses your entrance test as well as your performance and grades in math from this year and previous years.

Science: All AP science classes require a teacher recommendation. AP Physics and AP Chemistry also require a student application and advisor recommendation.

Foreign Language: Foreign language APs are highly selective. French and Latin both require a teacher recommendation. Spanish requires both an oral and written test.

History: Admission to AP US History class requires a test that is based on a reading. AP European History requires a teacher recommendation.

Art: To take the AP Studio Art course, one needs to show Mrs. Garasic a portfolio of previous work and get her recommendation.

Students are required to talk to their teachers and get approval before sitting for AP or honors classes assessments. Students are usually not allowed to take more than three AP classes per year, but it is possible to get special permission to take more based on faculty review. Though it may sound early to be thinking about your classes for next year,  it is important for students to know what courses will be open to them.

This week, department heads, Ms. Evans, our Academic Dean, Noel Dougherty, the Upper School Division Head, and AP teachers met to review each student recommendation for every AP and honors class. Mrs. Dougherty, the explains that this process is to determine the best possible fit schedule for each student. In coming days, a letter will be sent out to the students stating which AP classes they have been accepted into, however that does not mean a student should take all of the APs that are available to them.

It is important to find what is best for you, whether that is taking one AP class or five. The most important thing to remember is to only take the amount of classes you can handle, and not be in over your head with work and stress. Remember: you need time to relax too!