The ID Card Mystery Unveiled


Cassandra Ratzlaff, Editor

Many of you received your ID cards last week and are baffled as to how to use them and what to use them for. Although the use of the card in school is still a mystery, it has many uses outside of the school that are quite helpful.

What is the actual use of a student ID card? At ODA we never use them, so why are they made each year? And why are they handed out well into the second semester of the school year?

One of the most beneficial ways to use ID cards is for student discounts. By bringing your student ID card to a movie theater, the theater may offer a student discount. Not all theaters offer this discount, but it doesn’t hurt to try! Keep your ID card in your wallet – it’s not a hassle- just in case this opportunity is presented to you.

You can also bring your student ID card to a number of organizations and venues. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to relax and look at thousands of flowers and trees. Amanda Navarro 13′ takes advantage of the public scenery for her photography projects. She brings her student ID card to the site and receives a rate of $5.00, rather than paying the total $17.00 to get in.

Many of us are still trying to figure out the exact reason for the ODA ID card. But in the mean time, draw mustaches on your card and change your identity; you can go around school claiming you’re Salvador Dali or Charlie Chapman. You have the ID to prove it!

Despite the fact that the ODA student ID card has found no apparent relevance in the school, it is not an inconvenience to carry around. There are surprisingly numerous amounts of places around that offer these discounts.

To find more places that offer discounts, go to, a website where you can type in your address and find discounts near you.