Students Bulk Up in the Gelbman Fitness Center

Students Bulk Up in the Gelbman Fitness Center

Max Provost, Staff Writer, Sports Page

You may have noticed some kids getting more fit and more muscular these days. These result do not come from slacking off and being lazy, they come from working out intensely and continuously in the ODA weight room.

When the Gelbman Fitness Center opened in the fall of 2010, students were amazed to see how nice of a weight room that had been built for them. Filled with treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals, a section for Olympic style lifting, free weights and many more machines, this weight room is far from the ordinary.

Coach Rodrick Miller is the school’s fitness trainer. He has been here for a few years and in that time has created a great workout program for sports teams and students. Having times and specific workout plans for each sport, Rod is ahead of the game.

Among many students, some attend the weight room to simply get fit and stay in shape. Wyatt Page (‘13) is one of these students. Wyatt comes in the gym and he always does his own training. This means that he does not follow Rod’s training. He follows his own workout daily. Wyatt says that it’s much easier for him to attend the ODA gym instead of going to the YMCA, Gold’s Gym or Lifestyles because it is more convenient for him.

Drew Fineberg (‘14) is another student that works out in the fitness center religiously. Drew plays football and follows a workout schedule put in place by Rod. The workout involves Olympic style lifting, free weight lifting, cardiovascular exercises and a running plan.

Max Provost (’14) a linebacker for the ODA Thunder football team also works out with Rod. This winter Max has been able to increase his maximum bench from 245 pounds (his best lift of the summer) to 300 pounds.

If you want to get started, visit the weight room after school and find Rod. Talk to him to get a workout plan started.