Student Council Elections Are Right Around the Corner

Student Council Elections Are Right Around the Corner

Amanda Navarro, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year when the current Student Council prepares to pass the responsibilities to the elected candidates. A way that candidates attempt to win the vote is through funny, witty, or practical campaign ads.

Does anyone remember Quinton’s Q shaped posters in the Arts Building before they were taken down? Or how David Grain plastered the glass windows with his Obama-esque “Forward”  posters? This year was especially memorable for Student Council campaign ads. How effective were these campaign ads? What did the seniors think?

“They were better and more present than last year’s campaign ads, I think.” says senior, Cheyenne Kerekes.

“Some of them were cute. I’m surprised many people decided to campaign this year. People you wouldn’t really expect,” says senior Stephanie Muench.

In case you weren’t keeping track of the posters, here’s a reminder about who your candidates are for next year’s student council.

President: David Grain ’14, Josh Simon ’14, Quinton Fitzgerald ’14, Janum Trivedi ’14, Simone Ford-Hars ’14

Vice President: Natalie Chait ’14, Katie Lang ’15, Blake Frey’15

Secretary: Olivia White ’15, Danielle Lombardo ’15

Treasury: Megan Jones ’15, Noah Blumenthal ’15

Social Coordinator: Emma Holland ’14

Don’t forget to vote!