Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. If You’re Single, This One’s for You.


Kelli Bagwell, Staff Writer

Though best known for Valentine’s Day, today, February 14th, is actually the date of a lesser known holiday: Single Appreciation Day. Single Appreciation Day or SAD is a great alternative for all those currently not in a relationship, but still wanting to celebrate on February’s Day of Love. Rather than resenting all of the cute couples you see, SAD gives you an excuse to appreciate all the truly important people in your life: You, yourself, and yourself.

So, if that special someone didn’t put a ring on it, here are a few suggestions to spice up your love life.

1. Go see that chick flick you’ve been dying to see. Who needs a man when you have Channing Tatum?

2. Buy chocolates for yourself. ┬áIf you’re going to eat away your feelings, you might as well eat something delicious.

3. Buy yourself a carnation. Everyone will think you have a special someone, and that’s all that really matters, right?

4. Treat yourself to your favorite dinner. Because nothing says desperate like a growling stomach.

5. Rejuvenate yourself with a relaxing, rose petal bath and a glass of red, grape juice. It’s been a long, lonely year.

So if you’re alone, don’t despair. According to (a website that specializes in relationship statistics), only 2% of high school relationships last anyways. So, by ignoring Cupid’s arrows now, you’re really saving yourself the heartbreak of later. All the more reason to celebrate on this SAD occasion.