Juniors Take Advantage of Upcoming Breaks


Adil Shariff, Staff Writer

Mid-Winter Break is right around the corner and some students are planning their one-week vacation with their families.

As the year comes to a close, the junior’s college counseling program opens up. One of the most important aspects of the college search is for students to visit colleges. Visiting colleges gives students an insight into what the campus looks like and how they like it.

So how should you plan for one? First, you should organize all your college choices and begin to choose your top choices. By then, it will be time for you to schedule a meeting with your counselor. This initial meeting is mandatory and both you and your parents need to come in and talk with your counselor. Mr. Runge or Mr. Salmon will give you great advice about how to start your search.

Once you organize your choices, you can schedule visits. Colleges usually have a form on the website where you can choose the date that you want to visit. Some colleges don’t offer visits during certain days or holidays, so make sure you check the website before planning.┬áMid-Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break are all great times to schedule visits.

You may be asking yourself, why should I go visit colleges? It can actually give you a a new understanding into what the college campus-life is like, instead of looking at pictures or reading about it online. You can see what classes look like, what the area is like, and maybe even get a chance to talk to some of the professors and students.