Watch This!

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

Many people watch the Super Bowl, however some only watch the commercials. Unlike the boring old commercials we’re used to at other times, Superbowl commercials are known as really good ones. This year, the one that is most talked about is the Go-Daddy commercial where model Bar Refaeli kisses actor Jesse Heiman. This commercial was called “the Perfect Match.” The commercial shocked everyone becoming the most talked about commercial from the Super Bowl. Go-Daddy is known for using shock to get their name out. Obviously, it worked because everyone is talking about it.

Bolt reporters on the beat took the ad around to get the Thunder pulse on the ad:

Kevin Grathwohl (’14) said that he did not see it coming at all and that the guy was probably really happy! He said that it was smart for them to do that because he has heard everyone talking about it and the commercial definitely got their name out.

Trenton Radigan (’16) said that it was funny but kinda gross how they zoomed in on them while they were kissing.

Lauren Maxey (’14) said that it was gross and she will not watch it again.

Adil Shariff (’14) said that it was really awkward because when he was watching it he was with his parents.

So watch the Perfect Match and gauge for yourself. Gross? Or awesome?