Did Seniors Go Too Far?

Did Seniors Go Too Far?

Stephani Spindel, Editor-in-Chief

With the beginning of the new year, comes the ever dreaded, annual infection that every high school senior gets at some point or another: Senioritis.

The only cure…graduation.

This year, the process began early. The first week back from winter break, ODA seniors planned to host a week-long event dubbed “Hell Week.” In the original plan, seniors would be forbidden to speak to any underclassmen, forced to ride around school on scooters, bikes, or longboards and dressed in full neon-only attire. The few restrictions were no disrupting classes and, of course, abiding by the school’s dress code.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?),  none of the seniors owned neon polos or khakis  and only a couple of students brought in longboards and scooters.

Part of the plan intended to include a “water gun day,” where all seniors were going to run around campus causing mayhem by spraying students and faculty with toy squirt guns. That day, however, never happened. “Hell Week” lasted only a day, and was immediately shut down by administration.

Administration, as well as many concerned students and faculty, complained about the toy water guns could remind many of the recent, tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14th, or the Aurora movie theater shooting in late July.

Because of concerns about how others might view the events of the day, Mr. Brewer and Mrs. Dougherty confronted the senior class after ovation on Wednesday in an attempt to thwart any future plans for mayhem, threatening to take away “Senior Privileges,” privileges granted to seniors every year as a symbol of respect from administration. This year those privileges include letting seniors arrive (or leave)  school early (or late) if the student has a free period at the beginning or end of the day.

Throughout the day, many seniors complained about the strict talk, saying the senior class had done nothing wrong. “We were just having fun,” said one senior.

Another senior complained, saying it was hypocritical for administration to “disallow the senior class from bringing in toy water guns, yet allow student council to host a paintball tournament just weeks away.”

When asked what he thought of the recent controversy with the senior class, Mr. Brewer said, “I really didn’t know anything was happening at the time. I had received an email from Mrs. Dougherty that morning asking me to address the class about a rumor that the seniors were planning this Hell Week movement. And, honestly, I’m all for having fun. I want the seniors to celebrate, they deserve it. But I felt as though it was a bit early to be causing mayhem and celebrating your “victory dance” per say, before you’ve even graduated. Also, dubbing it “Senior Hell Week” was, probably not the best idea.”

Several faculty members complained about seniors disrupting their classrooms on Tuesday. But some students speculated that administration was not really upset, rather, they were simply trying to avoid any future events, thinking that the situation could escalate quickly.

Both arguments are fair, so we leave it up to our readers to decide. Who was right? Were the seniors really “just kids having fun”? Or was it disrespectful to play with squirt guns at school so recently after such a tragic event occurred?

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