The Most Important Games All Year

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

The Out-of-Door Academy’s Boys and Girls soccer senior night both took place on Tuesday at Thunder Stadium. Both the girls and the boys both won on senior night. The girls won 4-1 and the boys won 2-1.
Senior night is a senior’s last game at his or her home stadium. This is a very honorable and emotional night for the seniors on the team. Before the game there is a ceremony for the seniors, and they are all called out one by one as they are thanked for their contributions to the team over the years.
They walk out with their family to the field or on the court as they are honored for playing the sport. It is an emotional night because the seniors will never play at Thunder Stadium again. Some will go on to play in college but many will never play soccer on a team again. Not only is it emotional for just the seniors but also for all of the other players on the team and the coaches because they will never get to play or coach with these people again. This night is remembered by the seniors for the rest of their lives and they cherish the memories during this game for ever.
Brandon Place, a senior on the boys soccer team who also played for the Varsity football team, just experienced his second senior night. He said that senior night games are the best to play in because you get to play whatever position that you want. He also said that it is very serious because it is the last game that you get to play at Thunder Stadium. Brandon said that he will always remember his senior nights, and he cherishes the opportunity that he had to play in them.
Senior night is a very special thing for not only seniors but for their friends, family members, coaches and teammates. The events are fun to attend because the seniors always play their best knowing that this is their last game at home.
Don’t miss the next senior night game. Everyone should be out supporting the leaders of our teams. One day you will be a senior and will have a game to remember for the rest of your lives. Thanks for all you do, seniors.