The World Didn’t End…So What Now?

We’ve made it back to school, and you know what that means, the world didn’t end. Your midterm grades did matter. So if you failed because you didn’t study, then you better get back on track because we survived.

Second semester is here, and its time to focus. If you didn’t get the grade that you wanted, it’s okay, you still have a chance. For example, if you ended with a B last semester, and you get a high A this semester, you can still get an A. The only grade colleges see are your yearly grades, unless you’re a senior. So raise your expectations, and don’t just settle with your last semester grade.

You can’t just have good grades, however, you need to get involved with sports and take elective classes. Colleges want you to balance academic and sports. Tennis and track are starting up. This could be your chance to find something you enjoy. Find a class you’re interested in other than the core classes.

Make this semester a miraculous one! Study hard, pay attention in class, and receive extra help if needed. Always know that mid winter break is coming, and you’ll be able to sleep in again. But for now, remember that every grade counts. So don’t mess up!