Soup Up Your Matzah

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

Its the third morning of holiday break and I can smell the chicken broth from my bed. I know that today is the day that my family is going to be making my favorite  – Matzah Ball Soup.

Matzah Ball Soup is a Jewish soup ,made from a mixture of Matzah meal, eggs, water, oil.  In my family’s recipe, we add extra seasonings that jack it up. Matzah balls are traditionally served in chicken soup. Usually Matzah Ball Soup is served on Passover, however my family eats it every holiday. We plan on making it this week for Chanukah.

In order to make this Kosher food, you mix the egg, chicken, oil and the Matzah meal together. The meal mixture then sits in the refrigerator for 20 min. While that is sitting in the fridge, you then proceed to heat the chicken broth. While it is heating, celery, carrots, salt, pepper and other seasonings are added to it.
Waiting for the broth to boil is when the fun starts. While in the fridge, the meal mix becomes gooey. It is then rolled into golf-ball size balls. When the broth is boiling, carefully drop the dough into the broth. When the twenty minutes are up, the Matzah Ball Soup is complete and able to be served.
My favorite memory of Matzah Ball soup is when I was around ten years old. My family made this soup on Passover. I refused to try it and was the only one in the house without a bowl full. After watching my family chow down on this soup filled with what looked like dough balls, I decided to try a little piece of a matzah ball.
I slowly moved the little piece into my mouth and chewed slowly. After swallowing the piece, I realized what I have been missing. I then proceeded to make myself a giant bowl of soup and went up for seconds shortly after.
Every since then when my family has made this soup, I have helped make it and have been the one to try it to see if it is ready.
This year, I’m making it on Saturday and will share it with my friend, Max, who has never tried it! Want some? Come to my house or get yourself some matzah mix and try it yourself!
Happy Holidays, everyone.