How to Create Holiday Memories

Mostly everyone looks forward to the chaos of seeing family over holiday break. Whether its overcooking the turkey, or having an intense conversation – more like a debate – on the election that’s already over, family is family, and you can’t replace them with the Christmas gift you’ve always wanted.

Christmas break is almost here, and we will have 18 days of freedom! Those 18 days aren’t just going to be spent opening presents and watching TV, but having quality time with family.

We all experience those funny stories that you and your family end up laughing about for years. Here are a few examples:

1. When the potatoes take longer to cook then the turkey.

2. When your grandma puts the leftovers back in the oven, and not the refrigerator.

3. Or even the classic experience, when the turkey explodes in that plastic cooking bag (overcooking).

You can’t forget about those things when you almost are stuck without dinner.

So next Friday, when you finally get home, don’t just go hide in your room with your phone and TV, find your family, and create some fun memories. Your phone, even Siri, can’t be there for you as much as your family.