Men’s Thunder Soccer Undergoes A Major Transaction

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

It’s the opening of the soccer season and the Varsity Boys are already 3-1-1. The soccer team is off to a great start and is planning to keep their winning streak going. They play Saint Stevens next week, a game that will be one of their hardest games all season. They lost to them last year 2-0 so a win this year is a giant goal for the team.
This year, there was a major transition that happened to the team.The old goalie, Bryan Kirshe has moved up to player for some games leaving the team with a hard decision of who to put in goal. Kirshe was one of the best goalies in the county and he has been playing goalie before he ever even played for the Thunder.
Kirshe recently started to play forward this year because he said that he likes it better. Even though he is a great goalie, he is also a great forward. Bryan is currently leading the team in goals even though he has played goalie some games. If it was up to him he said that he would always want to play player.
Owen Han, a freshmen who has played forward, has wanted to play goalie and replace Kirshe. Owen did very well at the start of the season and impressed the coaches enough to give him the spot. Han has giant shoes to fill, but he has the potential to do what Kirshe did. Han said that he enjoys playing goalie a lot but he likes being a player better. When asked why he likes being a player better, he responded, “the pressure is way bigger when you’re in goal, and I don’t like that.” However, he also said that being goalie is way more fun to play than being a player, but again he does not enjoy the pressure.

So far this year the team is off to a great start. They have a really good team and are becoming better every game. Go out and watch them play Thursday vs Saint Stephens. They could really use the support and would really enjoy if everyone would go out there and watch them play.