Preparing For the Dreadful Exam Week

Adil Shariff, Staff Writer

After enjoying a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving Break, it’s time to hit the books again and prepare for mid-terms.

As an experienced junior, I’ve learned to improve my study skills over the years. About a month before exams, I devote one hour each night to study for mid-terms. A month seems like a long time, but it will go by faster than you think.

With exams being less than three weeks away, you might be thinking of starting to study. You might be at a road block for where you should start, but here are some simple tips to help you study efficiently.

1) Make a schedule and plan your time, so you’re not unorganized.

2) Organize your notes and study guides so they’re easy to find.

3) Plan which subjects to study. Focus on the hard ones first so you can get
those out of the way.

4) Talk to your teacher and get any information that you’re missing.

Finding a way to study is tough. But here are some resources that can help you.

1) Quizlet– a great online tool that allows you to create flashcards that can be accessed from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

2) Google Doc– creating a Google Doc is very helpful. You are able to share it with your friends, that way you can collaborate with each other and share notes.

The day before your exam, your teacher will hold an afternoon review session. Make sure you go to it!

If your stressed or feel unorganized, there are many people around you that you can talk to. Talk to your advisor, your friend, or one of your teachers. Just relax. You will be fine. And at the end of exam week, the long-awaited holiday break will be yours!

Here is the exam schedule:
Monday, December 17- English
Tuesday, December 18- Foreign Language
Wednesday, December 19- Math
Thursday, December 20- Science
Friday, December 21- History