Juniors Make a Dent in Their Driving

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

It’s Friday. 4:00. You are finally heading home. But wait. There’s a 50 car pileup on I-75 that has cars backed up almost to Deer Drive. Remember that? It was Friday October 5 at 3:28. Blinded by a brief rain squall, 50 cars smashed up on the University Boulevard overpass. Luckily, no one was killed. And happily, no one from ODA was involved. But there are plenty of examples of traffic mishaps sitting right in our parking lot.

There are many people that have dents and nicks on their cars at school. Some have funny stories behind them and some have scary stories. Some of these auto mishaps have happened right in the Out-of-Door parking lot. Some even happened at the homes of the drivers. Students have nicks and dents of all kinds on all different places on their car.Every dent has its own unique story.

Max Provost, a junior, got a dent on the side of his car from Coach Hill. Max was at a friend’s house, whose dad is friends with Coach Hill. Max had his car parked out in front of the house when Coach Hill was leaving. Coach Hill accidently reversed into the side of Max’s car. Max ended up with a small dent on the side of his car.

Kelly Bagwell another junior was leaving her house when she backed into her basketball hoop. She unfortunately ended up with a large dent on the side of her car which is still there.

Jordan Brown another junior had her car parked in the school parking lot when another classmate backed into her. She ended up with a huge indent in her bumper and that also still remains their.

Some accidents are caused by animals, Charles taylor hit a raccoon and it left a pretty nice dent on the front of his bumper.

Accidents happen to everyone, and no one wants to get in them especially student drivers. Getting your license is not a joking matter. Yes, it is fun, but it takes a lot of responsibility and you have to be careful. Accidents happen everywhere but if we pay attention and drive safely then we can cut down on the accidents at the Out-Of-Door.