Does ODA Have a Car Lust Problem?

Cassandra Ratzlaff & Maggie McGaharan, JMJ, Junior Editor & Staff Writer

Have you ever stayed up all night searching the internet for exotic cars? Do you ever take those unspeakable magazines like Motor Trend, Cars, and Top Gear to school and tape pictures of an exquisite paint job or curvaceous fenders in your textbook so you can look at them whenever you feel lonely? Have your friends approached you about your problem?
You are not alone, millions of Americans suffer from car lust.

Sophomore, Chase Causey, is in denial about his addiction.

When asked about how many hours a day he spends looking at cars, he said, “none.” Although, he did say he was obsessed with any type of mini van.

He says he’s especially attracted to neon purple vans, especially ones with comics and ads on the sides. And when Chase is really dreaming, he says the minivan really  “has to play music… and all the kids have to love it.”

David Whelan, junior, admits he has a problem. He confessed to spending “a lot” of hours a day searching cars on the internet and obsessing over every single one of them. He says he can not pick just one best car of all time, but his personal favorite is the BMW M3.

It possesses every quality that David looks for in a car: speed, looks, and drivability. While driving his current car, a Mercedes C250 Coupe, he often stops to take pictures of cars that catch his eye. If you come across his Instagram or Facebook, the majority of his posted pictures are of cars.

Senior Neal Denman is another car addict. Rather than searching the internet for cars, he spends his lonely nights looking at his many magazines that he subscribed to. He is most fond of Subarus and BMWs. He expresses his love for the one and only Subaru WRX STI, but also admits that the greatest car of all time is the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

Denman fantasizes daily about the long car rides into the sunset he would take his lovely 300SL on. He dreams of the horsepower, speed, and looks all wrapped into one car representing the utmost beauty and voluptuousness. Neal is opposed to stopping on the side of the road for “hooker cars,” tempting, exotic cars that distract passing drivers.

“I concentrate solely on the road and I do a good job avoiding distractions while driving, but if a nice car is next to me at a stoplight or something, I’ll admire it,” says Denman in a daze.

What is it about these cars that arouses our love of design and engineering? What is it that makes our hearts stop when we see an exotic car? Its curves, color, construction, and accessories draw us in and keep us wanting more.

Remember, if you are afraid of admitting that you have a problem, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from this addiction. Find a support group near you to seek help.