What’s in your Car?

Kelli Bagwell and Amanda Navarro, Staff Writers

Have you ever had breakfast in your car? How about your little brother or sister? What about applying mascara or lip stick on a highway? Have you ever changed your clothing for any after school activity while in a car?

Americans are notorious for using every minute of time they have in their car to finish breakfast, to shave, or to cram for a test. The papers, the jackets, the make-up, the random objects thrown into the trunk or left on a car seat or on the floor can tell a story about you and your family.

In honor of car week, our week dedicated to a package of themed stories, The Bolt decided to ask students and teachers just exactly what was in their cars. What we found may surprise you. From karate uniforms to school books, mysterious brown substances, to week-old water bottles, the items left in our cars reflect both our busy lives and our varied interests.

Take a look at the featured picture gallery to see just what we found.