Thanksgiving Excitement Spreads around ODA

Amanda Navarro, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is almost here! We get a break from teachers, homework, and stress. We get a chance to kick back, relax, and eat.

Senior, Caitlyn Durfee, says, “For me, Thanksgiving is a day when I see my relatives beyond my immediate family and consume copious amounts of turkey without being judged.”

Turkey is not the only food enjoyed during Thanksgiving break. When asked what she was most looking forward to, Senior, Ariana Losch simply says, “pumpkin pie.”

Thanksgiving is also a time to reunite with family and friends.

“I am most exciting to see my Aunt Sara for Thanksgiving break,” says Stephy Muench.

Adil Shariff says he is looking forward to “spending time with family.”

Whether you are looking forward to eating, sleeping, or reuniting with family, Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. Enjoy.