Taking the Turkey out of Turkeybowl

Kelli Bagwell, Staff Writer

As we all know, Turkeybowl is just around the corner and for the “vegetarians” at heart, it can be a less than appetizing day.

“I hate Turkeybowl,” Francesca Perrone, a junior, says in exasperation.

“I, personally, like Turkeybowl, but I know a lot of people don’t,” Daniel Pivonka, another junior,  says. “I think it’s because a lot of people don’t like playing football and that’s, basically, all the day is about.”

Daniel’s  revelation sparked an idea in the newsroom: Veggiebowl.

Veggiebowl is a vegetarian-friendly alternative to Turkeybowl. In substitute of pigskin worship, we suggest offering healthier, lighter options for our more “faint of heart.”

For instance, we could offer: poetry reciting, arts and crafts, sack races, apple bobbing, show and tell, water balloon fights, paper maché, musical chairs,  twerking competitions, and  gingerbread house building.

I’m kidding, maybe, but if you’re anything like Francesca Perrone (or me) you will be looking for something other than football smack talk to pass the time between plays. For those moments, we do seriously suggest bringing a volleyball, bocci ball, rope for tug-o-war, or maybe even a hacky-sack to keep yourself (and those around you) entertained.

Just remember, whether you like Turkeybowl or not, at the end of the day, it is another opportunity to better acquaint yourself with your advisee and advisor in a traditional, autumn football game. Really, how many high schoolers can say their whole school plays football together before break?

And by the way,  other games and sports (in fact, all kinds of veggies and sides) ARE welcome on the sidelines.