Putting Your Parking Fears in Their Place

Adil Shariff, Staff Writer

For a new driver, parking can be one of toughest things to learn. Consider the angles and that pesky curb. The guy who parked a little too far into your space. That tight exiting back to another row of cars that seem just a bit too close.

“It was definitely one of the most challenging things to learn if not the most,” says Junior, Kelli Bagwell.

“Even though I don’t have my permit, my dad let me drive into a parking spot once. Let’s just say, it didn’t go that well. I ran over the parking bumper,” says Junior Adil Shariff.

To prevent bad parking, always take your time and don’t worry about the people behind you. They can wait. When you look in your mirrors, make sure you see both divider lines and are not going over one of them. Also, make sure your car is a safe distance from any cars near you, so you don’t dent their cars when opening the door.

Even if you have mastered the art of parking, with many of the sophomores driving, parking at ODA can be a problem. Since seniors take the entire first row, there is only one row to accommodate juniors and the numerous sophomores who drive to school. Parking behind the Arts Building is an option, but many students find the long walk to class a hassle. The Bolt’s advice? Get to school early so you can secure a parking spot.

And whatever you do… don’t park in a senior parking space. As for getting better at actually parking well? Be patient. It DOES get easier.