Cougars Crawl into the Thunder Storm

Cougars Crawl into the Thunder Storm

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

This week the Out-of-Door Thunder football team plays the Cardinal Mooney Cougars. This match up is the Thunder’s biggest rivalry. ODA’s varsity team has never beaten the Cougars.

The rivalry between these two teams started the first year that ODA played them. Most of the kids at Mooney either know or have been associated with ODA players for a long time. Because most people at both school know each other, the rivalry is a natural thing.

So far this year, the Thunder girls volleyball team has beaten the Cougars volleyball team twice. Their success has  encouraged the football team to go out and prove that they can beat the Cougars too.

Practice has gone well so far this week. Players have been conscious of looking out to keep an eye on both the offense and the defense during the game.  The Thunder offense has also been installing plays to fool the Cougar defense, while the defense has been discussing strategies to stop the Cougars from gaining yards.

Running backs, Anthony Caiazzo and former ODA player, Demardre Patterson, are a threat to ODA’s defense. Caiazzo’s size and speed make him a threat, while Demardre’s notable speed is something we’ll have to watch out for.  If the Thunder can stop them from running, then they have a great chance of winning this game.

Both teams want to win especially because it’s both team’s last game. Since the Thunder have never beaten the Cougars, they are very hungry for a win. The Cougars are also trying to win to defend their win from last year.

It is going to be a great game, so everyone wear your white, and come out and support your Thunder football team as they tame the Cougars in Thunder Stadium.