Time to Turn (in) Your Page, Seniors…

Amanda Navarro, Staff Writer

Seniors, here are the details of senior pages again. Pages are due November 15th.

There are several ways you can get these senior pages done.

1. Talk to a senior in yearbook (Ashtin, Audra, Emily, Natalie, Neal, Savannah, etc.) to help set up your page.

2. Create it in Photoshop. If you do this, save it as a jpg file, make the revolution 300, and make sure it is 300 dpi. Also, it will be on a 8.5 by 11 inch page BUT there is a quarter inch border so it will print as an 8 by 10 inch page.

There are some exceptions to what is allowed in your senior page.

First, nothing in a foreign language unless you and Coach Brewer sit down with a foreign language teacher to make sure what you are writing is appropriate. If the foreign language is not taught here, please consult with Coach Brewer.

Second, no solo cups of any color is allowed in your page. Finally, nothing else that is questionable or inappropriate.

Look at accompanying slideshow to see some of the interesting senior pages to get your ideas rolling….