“I See Dead People”

Cassandra Ratzlaff, Junior Editor

It’s in the middle of the night and you’re alone. You start to hear voices, then footsteps, but you know for certain no one else is home. What do you suspect?

If you’re a believer in ghosts, like Sophomore Oliver Tannheiser, you’d think that something supernatural is occurring in your house. Oliver has had numerous accounts with spirits in his lifetime, even some threatening. The very first instance Oliver had concerning paranormal activity was when he was alone in his house and he heard footsteps. After this, he began to see shadowy figures at both houses he’s lived in and on a trip to Thailand, where he saw ancient beings dancing in the resort.

He tried telling his mother about what he saw, but she didn’t believe him. The next day, his mother’s money went missing. Back in America, more of his family’s possessions disappeared, including his mother’s necklace where they later found in a water jug, a very peculiar place.

Oliver says that he often sees flashes of light in the bushes outside his house and ghostly figures without faces. He explained that one day when his whole family was home, he went upstairs to his sister’s room and saw a man all in black peeking through the crack of the door. One of his most vivid experiences was when he was sleeping in his bed and woke up to find a pope staring at him. He reacted immediately by punching the figure in the face as it swiftly disappeared.

Although this may suggest that Oliver is a very spiritual person, he actually acknowledges that he isn’t, “just believes in ghosts.” During this interview, ODA experienced a power failure and the lights turned off and very superstitious Oliver stood up and screamed: “it’s a sign!”

At another haunted ODA house,  Sophomore Maggie McGarahan was home alone when she -just like Oliver- heard footsteps and voices. Maggie stood up and “wham!” a door shut. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife thinking that “if anyone mess’n with me, imma cut you!” Maggie says that “something like this will happen at my house that you cant explain.”

Junior Adil Shariff was in an old house in Pennsylvania when he experienced paranormal activity.

“Right as I walked in I automatically felt a negativity,” he explained. He then described a scenario where he walked up to the second story of the house alone, and went into an eerie room. As soon as he was in the room, the door fell off its hinges and Adil was drawn towards the window. He looked out the window and saw a shadow of a man sitting on the gate of the courtyard, but it quickly vanished. Frightened, Adil ran downstairs trying to shake the disturbing and unexplainable site he had just witnessed.

Whether or not you believe in these ghost stories or not, is up to you. You may just as easily come into contact with ghosts this Halloween or in the future. So watch your back, they’re sneaky!