Are We Too Old To Trick-or-Treat?

Ashley Munroe, Editor

Halloween night is a holiday many of the Out-of-Door students are looking forward to.  The costumes, the candy, and best of all– no school tomorrow! The real question for high-school students is “Have we graduated from Trick-or-Treating?”

The Bolt asked a few students to find out.

Natalie Chait: “I will most likely just watch scary movies with my friends all night.”

Abby Bannar: I’ll be Trick-or-Treating!

Emma Holland: “I’ll be having a paranormal activity marathon and eating candy!”

Maria Massaro: I go Trick-or-Treating every year!

Looks like we aren’t to old to still have fun Trick-or-Treating! Whatever it may be you are doing tonight, have a fun and safe time! Happy Halloween!