ODA Welcomes the Lions to the Thunder Den

ODA Welcomes the Lions to the Thunder Den

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

The Thunder Football team has another big game on Friday. They play First Baptist Academy Lions out of Naples, Florida. First Baptist is undefeated in the district and are coming to Thunder Stadium looking for what they may think will be an easy win. In fact, the Lions have beaten teams that the Thunder has lost to.

The Out-of-Door football team knows that they have to play extremely hard this week and have to play ODA football like they know they can. The coaching staff know that the team can beat the Lions if they play their football.

All week the coaching staff has been pumping up the team to get ready for this big game. Coach Timmons is ready for the game and thinks that we have a good chance of wining if we play well.

The Lions’ main threat is their quarterback. He does not throw a lot but he always runs. He is 6’2 220 and is a very powerful runner. The Thunder have set up a special formation to stop him.

So please every come out and support your Thunder as they attempt to take down the Lions and retain the highly valuable Headmaster’s Cup!