Molding Into Your Caption

Molding Into Your Caption

Wyatt Page, Writer

If you think your senior caption in the 11th grade Convocation video was a bunch of malarkey, think again!  As it turns out, these captions can be prophetic.  Stephani Spindel’s caption of “journalist” has since been emerging in some very exciting ways.

Stephani’s interest in journalism took on new dimensions after she attended a summer program in 2011 at American University where aspiring journalists from around the country came to share ideas for innovative writing approaches.

While there, Stephani met another high school student, Ryan Thompson.  When Thompson was in seventh grade, he decided he wanted to create a platform to distribute news from the perspective of young reporters.  Thompson’s online news network has become known as Channel 6 News Online. The news station now has its own studio set, complete with live anchors and a green screen, a production tool used for weather updates and special effects.

Thompson, a sophomore at the time, and Stephani became friends over the course of the summer program. Thompson ultimately offered Spindel a position as a reporter.  Stephani’s job entails coverage of events in Florida and internationally.

With the presidential election in sight, Stephani has been responsible for covering the many conventions and rallies in our swing state.  Just this year, her coverage has included Mitt Romney’s campaign rally in Sarasota, several of President Obama’s campaign rallies in Tampa, and interviews with prominent political figures such as Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Shultz; Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal; and state senatorial candidate, Mike McAlister.

At a recent event, the Romney Campaign Rally at Ringling, Spindel met a cameraman for one of the most influential news broadcast programs in the nation, 60 Minutes. After watching her work to collect material from the event, the journalist preceded to hand Stephani his business card, a first in her networking experience.

When the occasion comes for your senior convocation, keep in mind your caption may prevail to be as portentous as Stephani’s.