Ashtin Frank Serves Up Awareness for Breast Cancer

Amanda Navarro, Staff Writer

Many are aware of Ashtin and her sister Danni’s (ODA ’10) involvement in collecting Yoplait lids to fund-raise for the Susan G. Komen for the CureThis year, Danni’s sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, at Louisiana State University has taken on the task of collecting lids to raise money. For every lid donated, ten cents goes to Yoplait’s Save Lids to Save Lives campaign to fund-raise for local cancer programs to help fight breast cancer.

Ashtin has turned to ODA to ask for Yoplait lids and has received “a couple of lids everyday” since then. Ashtin says working along side her sister has “definitely made [them] closer.”

Ashtin is passionate about raising breast cancer awareness and has been heavily involved helping the cause. She has participated in Relay For Life and “anything else that donates to breast cancer” such as making donations, walking, and purchasing merchandise. She takes her involvement seriously because breast cancer runs in her family. “My aunt died of breast cancer and my mom was diagnosed over the summer.”

Anyone who has a personal encounter with breast cancer can relate to the fight in obtaining insurance, which Ashtin recounts as “annoying and long.” Ashtin and her family “knew her [mom] had to get checked” and “it was scary” to keep waiting for insurance to come.

Despite this stress, Ashtin’s resilient disposition has prevailed. She has emerged stronger from her personal experience with breast cancer. She is eager to get involved in raising breast cancer awareness, to share her perilous encounter, and to keep fundraising and donating. Ashtin states she would “absolutely volunteer” later in college and throughout her life.

Despite the hardships she has gone through, Ashtin has found support from the women’s varsity volleyball team. Ashtin says, “They’re awesome for the money they have shared, merchandise (t-shirts and bracelets) they have sold, and donations they have raised. I really appreciate everything they have done.”

Most recently, the volleyball team displayed their support by dedicating their game versus Cardinal Mooney to Mrs. Frank, much to the family’s delight. They team also demonstrated their support for Ashtin by recognizing her before the game and giving her a gift. On top of it all, the volleyball team defeated Mooney in a close game. Ashtin says ODA has been “extremely supportive of [her] family” and she is sincerely grateful for their understanding.

Ashtin says there is more students can do to volunteer other than give her Yoplait lids. “There is a walk called Making Strides at the Polo grounds on October 20th. If you cannot make it on October 20th, there is a Susan G. Komen 3-Day experience,” a 60-mile walk in Tampa from October 26th to 28th (for more information go to:

Ashtin says students can also get involved with Keep a Breast foundation by purchasing “I Love Boobies!” bracelets and other merchandise (more information at:

Finally, students can contribute by volunteering in Relay for Life, which is a walk to raise awareness, fund-raise, and support local families, and unite to fight back. ODA hosts Relay for Life in its own Thunder Stadium, so all ODA students should come out and join or create a team!