ODA Wins Volleyball Game

On October 4th, the Out-of-Door Academy’s Thunder took on Cardinal Mooney’s Cougars in volleyball. The long lasting feud was once again put to the test when Cardinal Mooney visited the Thunderdome.

In an intense game, volleying back and forth between a victory and a loss, the game ended with Thunder being victorious over the Cougars. Both teams played brilliantly, exerting and demonstrating immense skill and grace on the court. Some Cougars dressed up in suits and ties and semi-formal wear while others, including students from Out-of-Door, wore pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

It was a full house game. There were even hardcore fans standing on the sidelines cheering their voice-boxes out! Some of the cheering, however, crossed a line into what one referee deemed inappropriate. This fact impacted the game because it meant that Mooney lost the server. When ODA got the serve back, they won the game!

This game will go down in ODA history. Maybe just as memorable and certainly more significant is the fact that we raised around two-thousand dollars for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.

Now that’s class!