Number 8 Steals the Night


Lauren Maxey being held up after great victory

Drew Fineberg, Staff Writer

Lauren Maxey, a junior on the varsity volleyball team, has been a huge help to their positive record this season. Lauren has been playing volleyball for the Thunder every year since she has been at the upper campus. Her specialty is standing close to the net so she can spike it on the other team. Her ability to jump high is why she is able to spike the ball so hard.

When Lauren was out sick for the Bradenton Christian game, the team missed her talent and ended up loosing the game. Teammates always try to set the ball for her to spike it because her spike is or one of the hardest on the team.

In addition to her powerful spike, her ability to stay focused during the game is unbelievable, especially when the chanting is negative towards her. At the recent match at Mooney, Cougar fans were chanting to distract her, but she continued to stay focused.

The team is very grateful to have number eight on their team. Luckily Lauren is only a junior and will be able to get even better for her next years senior season.

Lauren and the rest of the team are going to fight their hardest to beat Mooney tonight at 5:30.