Hazard Runs from the Floor!

Marisa Bregg, Staf Writer

Ever been walking and then all of  sudden fall down. You’d think you just lost your balance, but really, theres a bigger reason behind it.

On the floor, in almost every room, there is a gap where your foot could easily fall in and catch you off balance. These “gaps” have outlets to charge your electronic devices, but thats not the only thing that it does.

It trips you! You may think that it’s convenient to have when your battery is running low, but not when you’re in hurry and have to worry about falling flat. The last thing students think about is watching your step. If there’s no sign that clearly says “WATCH YOUR STEP,” then students don’t even put their mind to it.

During the making of ODA, we can only wonder what they were thinking. It is hard to plug in your laptop all the way to the wall, but it’s just as hard to stand up after taking a fall.

Its really not a huge hazard though. If it was somewhat of a danger to the students, then it would have already been fixed by now, or we would have been forced to wear helmets to school.

So next time that you’re just walking through the rooms of ODA, watch your step, and don’t fall down, you won’t look too sharp.