Come Thursday for a Thrilling Game!

Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer

Thursday, October 4, the varsity volleyball team is in for a real fight against the Cardinal Mooney Cougars. On Thursday September 20, the Thunder played on the Cougar’s home court. Even though ODA had outstanding school spirit – along with a huge turnout of ODA students – they lost. Of course players and fans were disappointed.

Now the team has a second to chance to beat them. This time, the battle is in Thunder territory.

During the last game, there was much excitement in the crowd some of it negatively directed towards our team. The Thunder maintained sportsmanship and dignity, while dealing with jeers of the Courger fans. Since this game will be held at ODA, the Thunder hopes to create a positive environment for both teams.

One way ODA and Mooney hope to keep the peace is to support a common cause: the fight against breast cancer. Parents and students will be manning tables featuring breast cancer organizations and accepting donations. Last year, Cardinal Mooney raised double the amount we did. This year, ODA hopes to make a comeback.

Though the Thunder lost to Mooney in the previous game, this Thursday, the Thunder could beat them twice.

Some come on out to the big game next week. Remember: If you are one of the first 15 students to arrive at the game, then you will receive a FREE cake pop!

Don’t forget your wallet!