New Changes To ODA!

Stephani Spindel, Adil Shariff, Editor, Staff Writer

The school year is in full swing and there have been many changes within the school, from big position changes, department reorganization, to the addition of the sixth graders.

As many of you probably already know Mrs. Dougherty is the new head of the upper school this year. “My favorite part about this position is the ability to reflect and act.” When asked what her least favorite aspect of the job she quickly said, “The volume of emails.” Later adding that, “it is a necessary tool.”

Major classroom changes have also taken place this year. English teacher Mr. Lemieux comments, “ I love how welcoming and friendly the arts department has been to the new teachers.” One of the traits he misses most about his previous room is how students used to hang out in his room. “Unfortunately, I’m not sure that will happen this year, because [my room] is kind of on the backside of the school.” Adding that he loves how easy it makes for all the English teachers to work together, saying how convenient it is for the entire English department to being the same building.

Taking over Mr. Lemieux’s previous room is Mr. Dougherty, who says “I’m always down for change.” Mr. Dougherty, a 9th grade history teacher, says that his favorite thing about the room change is that he is more accessible for students. “I am also closer to the copier room,” he added with a grin. Mr. Dougherty’s vacant room was invaded by the 6th graders.

Another change in the Upper School Campus has been the addition of the 6th grade class, which moved from the Siesta Key campus, this year. “I really like it here,”” said sixth grader Leiland Wheeler, “the gymnasium is really big and there is a lot to do there!” The students are adjusting to the Upper School, as explains sixth grader Maeve Cappers, “Sometimes it gets kind of intimidating.” Phillip Svova added, “Yeah, I don’t like it when we go to the cubbies after lunch. There’s just like a mob of people there.”