Clubs Strike Again. Have You Been Hit?

Sign up for clubs as soon as possible! They will get filled up, so go onto your ODA thunder account, and the registration form is in your inbox. The following clubs are available for you to sign up for:

Debate (Naylor)– If you like to discuss recent events that affect the community, this club is right for you. You can compare your opinion with the rest of the club, and stay updated with the world around you.

Community Service (Howell)– You need community service hours for each semester, and this club is the perfect way to get them.

Robotics (Shamp)-If you are into mechanics, join the Robotics club, and you and your fellow club-mates will engineer a robot.

Taylor’s Trees (Mahler)-Support the Emmons as they raise money to provide more students with scholarships at ODA.

This form will show up in your ODA thunder email account

Current Affairs/Politics (Woods)-Meet up at lunch for a laid-back discussion about the news of the world.

Be The Change (Murphy/Frye)-Help your school evolve as you make helpful suggestions and observations about how to improve the community.

Gay-Straight Alliance (Dobosz/Fafalios)-This club will inform you about the gay/straight community and work to raise awareness about the cause for equal rights.

Invisible Children/Global Relief (Giraud/Kozak)-Learn about the children in Africa who have been forced into war, and find ways to help them. Club will focus on Invisible Children in the Fall and explore other agencies and global causes in spring term.

Tri M (Miller/Rosser)-If you enjoy all things music, this is the right club for you.

Unifem/Women’s Rights  (Zablit-Lorts)-Learn about women’s leadership and place in the world.

Senior Video (Barrett)-In this club, you will take video clips throughout the year, and put them together to create the senior video.

Literary Magazing (Lemieux)-Work on your literary writings as you work together to create a magazine.

Literary Circle (Gaffney/Mandel)-Discuss different literary writings with the club as you compare your opinion.

Foreign Films (Sommers/Lebras)-Watch foreign films and discuss them with other like-minded film buffs.

Science Fair (Beeman)-If you like creating science projects, join this club with hopes of going to the County Science Fair

Study Hall–Can’t think of anything? Need more time to study? Sign up here.