Sixth Graders Move to Uihlein Campus

Maggie McGaharan, JMJ, Author

Have you noticed the flood of blue shirts and khakis flooding campus lately? That sea of blue shirts is the sixth graders. This year, Out-of-Door has undergone a major change. They have moved the sixth graders from the lower campus located in Siesta Key to the upper campus located in Lakewood Ranch. This is a great change. Out-of-Door can now expand their classes on the lower campus to fill in the blanks from where the sixth graders used to be. This dramatic change is also convenient for some parents who had multiple children attending both campuses, for now they can simply make one trip to drop off/pick up a year earlier than they might have before.

As much as this may be a convenience, for some, it’s somewhat inconvenient. The upper school remodeled their original study hall room into two different classrooms, making the classrooms smaller. Now the study hall is located in the library. The upper school campus is definitely more crowded. Traffic at the upper school has increased too as parents of young children come to pick their kids up. It takes a good ten minutes to find a parking space and another ten to actually leave the campus.

So, what do you think about the recent changes?