Are You Prepared for Exams?

Christina Pierce, Staff Writer

Amidst counting down the days until April 27, the last day seniors will be in classes, seniors are beginning to think about finals. The seniors take their exams early in order to spend the weeks before graduation working at their internships. The seniors will begin to take their exams on April 25th. If a senior is in a non-AP class, he or she will have the chance to opt out of the exam. In order to not take the exam, the seniors need an average of a 87% or above for the year.

If you are an underclassman, do not begin to feel stressed-out because of exams. The upper and middle school’s exams do not begin until May 23rd. But it IS a good idea to start planning. Here are some tips in order to prepare for the exams.

Stay Healthy

In order to stay healthy, be consistent about getting eight hours of sleep. Sleeping will help you to be more relaxed and less anxious when exams come. Avoid eating unhealthy foods and snacks. Eating healthy foods will help to prevent you from catching a cold before the exam and boost your immune system.

Get Organized

Organization is significant to preparing for the exams. Organizing your notes will help you to feel more prepared. A study guide will help you to prepare. Try moving your notes onto flashcards in order to help you study. You can use paper flashcards or electronic ones on websites such as Studyblue and Quizlet.


In order to not feel stressed and overwhelmed from studying, one must relax and take a break. One can relax by playing with your pets, watching TV, or exercising.

Do not be tempted to procrastinate studying until the week before exams. Stay focused– the school year is not over yet. Good luck to seniors who are finishing exams and anticipating AP exams next week.