The Student Struggles of Returning from Break

That dreadful moment when the sun begins to peer through the shades in your window. The piercing sound of the iPhone alarm you had set the night before to reassure you don’t sleep through the first day back from break, although would it be such a horrible tragedy? There is no other feeling like it in the world, no feeling so miserable and heartbreaking: Returning to school after a break.

Personally, I found coming back from a break was much easier as an underclassman. It probably had to do with the fact that I was much more fresh to high school and hadn’t been burnt out yet. However, this gloomy occurrence is not easy under any circumstances for anyone.

“I have to rush and make sure I don’t forget anything and I also have to make sure that I did all of my assigned work over break. Plus my stomach gets rumbly because I’m very hungry,” says Freshman, Nick Romagnola.

Some people have a little bit different of an opinion on the matter, yet the physical toll still sets in.

“I’m usually excited the night before, but never sad it’s starting. The only time I’m sad break is over is when I’m exhausted the first day back,” says Sophomore Mackenzie Condrack.

Now as an older member of the Out-of-Door Upper School community, I have endured the return from nine breaks. That means there has been nine separate times where I have had to wake up and carry myself out of bed and to school while running on fumes. Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way.

“It’s very difficult because my sleep schedule gets mess up and I stay up until like 4 in the morning. So when I wake up I keep hitting the snooze and it causes me to be late,” Junior, Josh Raimon.

The seniors have been here and have experienced everything for four years, so their advice and knowledge is the most valued.

“Over break you get into a routine of freedom and sleeping in, but once school break that, both effort and energy levels plummet,” says Senior, Chris Robinson.

Overall, the group consensus of all the people who I talked to all agree on one thing, coming off of break and getting back into the routine is tough, actually it’s one of the most challenging things we do as students.

You’re probably not surprised I know that there are 39 days until spring break.