Lightning Strikes ODA Student


Hunter Bogumil, Staff Writer

The odds of getting struck by lightning this year are 1 in 960,000. Junior Skye Ehrhart beat those odds Thursday.

While sailing Skye made a conscious decision to head back to land as a storm was getting bad. When he was taking down the sail, he grabbed the mast and lightning struck at the same time Skye was holding the metal pole.

“It felt like more of a thud than a shock. It felt like I’d fallen,” says Skye.

Skye was with his skipper when the incident occurred. Skye didn’t really know what happened but according to his skipper sparks flew from the mast.

“My entire right side is tingling and my right hand is numb,” says Skye.

Skye got very lucky and was able to attend school the next day without any side effects.