The Students Are Going Clubbing


Tyler Barlow, Staff Writer

ODA students are all over the club scene. Not in the way you are thinking; this year ODA has changed club policies for students and faculty. Starting this year, all students and faculty will be required to be members of at least one or two clubs, depending on frequency of meeting.

Last year, clubs had no set time. They met during lunch.

“While I wanted to join a club I needed my lunch period more, like in case I have some last minute homework to do I couldn’t do that if I was in a club. I would have made a commitment to that club and that would stop me from doing my last minute homework or review,” says a junior.

Now things have changed.

“Students and faculty made it pretty clear that they no longer wanted to meet during lunch. The time was too crammed. Students had to get their lunch and go to their meeting room. There was no break, and then they had to get to class,” says Upper School Division Head, Mr. Seldis.

“A student in theory can’t do more than two clubs… and we really, strongly believe that instead of spreading themselves thinly across so may clubs, they should focus on one or two clubs and really delve into that,” continued Seldis.

With only two club periods, many students have been wondering how to choose a club. They wonder what should they should base their decisions on. For passion or for college?

This struggle to choose is something Mr. Brewer has stated is simply part of being a grown up. Make hard decisions.

Mr. Brewer also advises the student body that when making a club choice, find something you are passionate about. Choose something you really care about so you won’t get bored of it in a couple of minutes.

“It’s good because people like me who don’t go out of their way for clubs have opportunities to join,” said freshman Bre Brown.

“I think it’s good because otherwise some people just won’t do anything,” said junior Amara Merrit.

But some students had a somewhat negative view on this year’s changes.

“I’m not okay with the new requirements…. I don’t really want to be in a club when I could be doing work,” said junior Liberty Strafuss.

Students aren’t the only ones affected by this change. This year, teachers also must now make choices about clubs as club advisors.

“I think that part of it is modelling good behavior-expected behavior because we are expecting all of you to be a part of clubs on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said the English teacher Mrs. Betz.

Some teachers say they are happy with the new changes. Mrs. Betz pointed out that as teachers it is their job to be models for the students. Teachers have also said that these requirements also ensure that all clubs will have an advisor that can dedicate time and attention to their one or two clubs.

On Friday September 2nd, students will be choosing and signing up for their new clubs.

It’s time to go clubbing.

Tuesday and Thursday Clubs

  • Wellness Club
  • Tri-M Music
  • Spanish Competition
  • Art Beautification

Tuesday Only Clubs

  • Science Olympiad
  • Spectrum
  • Global Citizens
  • Gaming Theory
  • Sports Reporters
  • Thunderheads
  • Chinese Competition
  • Chess/Go Club
  • Investment Club
  • Entrepreneur/E-Commerce Club
  • The Art of Improv

Thursday Only Clubs

  • The Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Junior Classical League
  • Foreign Films
  • The Literacy Magazine/Calliope
  • Key Club
  • Book Circle
  • Model UN
  • Science Club
  • Sport Fishing
  • Knitting Lives Together
  • Math Club