Daily Eats Feeds Your Belly

Daily Eats Feeds Your Belly

Maria Ross, Staff Writer

Tired of the same boring eggs and pancakes? It’s time for you to try Daily Eats, a new trendy restaurant devoted to bringing customers a modern experience that will entice their tastebuds. Daily Eats is part of the Ciccio Restaurant Group founded over 25 years ago in New York and consists of five restaurants.

Daily Eats offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and to the delight of some, serves breakfast all day. Breakfast includes Eggs Benedict choices with a fusion twist. One might order the New Yorker which includes smoked salmon or the Gobbler with Turkey Hash. Lunch and dinner offer a rendition of a Chipotle style bowl with fresh ingredients including rice, lettuce and toppings such as seared tuna, natural chicken and NY strip. Daily Eats is also famous for their cheesy mac’s ranging from regular flavors to outrageous, out of the box flair such as the Burger which has cheddar cheese, ground beef, caramelized onions and fried pickles.

Prices on the Shredder Bowls range from $6.50-10.00 depending on what size you’re interested in having. Cheesy Macs go from $5.00-11.00, and other meals served with two sides range at about $11.00-12.00.

 “I like Daily Eats, it’s really nice they serve breakfast all day. My favorite meal is their pancakes and crunchy french toast. However, their service is horrible and it takes forever to get food,” says junior, Chloe Ruppert.

 “Its great they serve breakfast all day, because I can go there at nine o’ clock at night and get french toast.  French toast with strawberries and whip cream with bacon is my go to meal,” says junior Savannah Alario.

 “I never dine in at Daily Eats because the wait is too long, but I love to order their chicken tenders and take it home,” says junior Jason Fineberg.

If you haven’t tried Daily Eats already, stop by after school and your tastebuds will thank you.